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Aquarius Max



I am a 3d graphic artist, and 1 man team, currently selling modular prefab packages at

My packages consist mostly of Fantasy and Medieval Style Builds. All packages that I have created/ will create, are all fully "modular" packages, allowing you as the creator to create your scenes exactly how you'd like them to look!

I work full time in this field, always striving to learn more and create as much as I can. There is always more to learn for all of us.

I try and make all of my packages affordable for all types of buyers. but still with consistant qualities and quantities to make up each package!

I have no problem answering any questions or concerns you may have.


I create custom packages for those who are looking for anything in particular, and i try my best to give you as much support as you may need! So feel free to email me on any questions, concerns, or ideas you may have.

Click on my LOGO below to take you to my Web player demo page! I have many different demo types to play for my packages, so feel free to take a look!

Desert Sandbox screenshot:


"Participant of CGTrader Awards"

The Ultimate Fantasy Creator Kit is my newest edition to the asset store, and my current and most popular package! With the help of much feedback, this package has grown greatly, in both high quality textures and models, but also in support to give you a full customizable package to create an almost endless amount of possibilities!

Ultimate Fantasy Creator Kit

Click below for the README and key notes about features within the Ultimate Fantasy Kit!

The Ultimate Fantasy Creator Kit features well over 3,700+ prefabs, now  at its Full release!

Top 5 Packages

  1. Ultimate Medieval Constructor

  2. Ultimate Fantasy Creator

  3. The Wasteland

  4. Colorful World

  5. Survival Crafter

     Some Video Trailers Below:

Ultimate Fantasy Creator

V 2.5

Colorful World and Poly Tiger

The Wasteland: "Overgrown" Demo Scene

Survival Crafter: Speed Build

M.E. Marketplace