Over 2 years of combined design & content, of graphic design experience


About The Creator

My name is Maxwell Johnson. I have been involved in art since i was little, from pen and ink, to pencil on paper, to 3D modelling. My passions always derives from self creativity. As of my recent years, i have taken on the role of 3D modelling and graphic design.


I am currently using "Blender" to create my 3D models. And I am using "Unity3D" to import my models for game design, and to sell these models on the unity asset store. at unity3d.com. I am currently a one man team, working full time on modelling, day and night. I have many packs soon to come, with average of about a dozen models created each day. I have much passion in what i do, and hope to go to school soon, for programming and script writing etc. So that my packages can consist of much more than just 3D models!

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