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Ultimate Fantasy Creator Kit!

Full Release Video

Alpha Video

(BETA) Below

So what is this kit about?


  • A custom designed Package, created by Aquarius Max. Set in the Medieval Fantasy style setting.


  • This package consists of thousands of fully modular prefabs to create an almost endless amount of scenes!


  • Each folder within this package has its own unique styles and "race" classes. Consisting of: (showing Folders in package)


  1. Dark Elves = Dungeons, Caves, and Underground builds. (Modular Cave pieces, Rocks, Stalagmites, and Stalactites. All set in a dark environment.)

  2. Dwarves = Mostly Dungeons, and some Temple builds. (Set more around the Higher tech; aka gears and mechanics filling the scenes, and shiny metals and rich looking structures) (COMING SOON!)

  3. Hells, Dark Builds = Two folders consisting of "Hell" prefabs, and Cathedral and Cemetery prefabs. (Cemetery monasteries, grave stones, gates and fences. Hell builds such as: Bridges, stairs, ramps, old structures, etc..)

  4. High Elven = Temples and Large Structures (Huge temples, and landscapes filling your scenes at ease! Rich looking structures, some new some old. But stylized uniquely, and originally. Also consisting of Elven style houses and builds for town creations!)

  5. Humans = Castles and Towns. (Hundreds of different Castle pieces, Town buildings, walls and fillers. Props from crates, barrels, pots, urns, ladders, wells, posts, etc.. Castle pieces such as: Towers, Gatehouses, Guardhouses, Walls of many different types and sizes, Chains, Drawbridges, Bridges, etc..)

  6. Nature = Environments (two folders consisting of minimal detail to greater detail, still low on the polys. Rocks, Boulders, Trees, Stumps, Grass, etc...)

  7. Orc = Mostly Bandit camp styles, and old wooden structures.

  8. Special Houses = Specially designed houses separate from most types included. (These include: Woodcutters home, Blacksmith, Apothecary, etc... (COMING SOON))


There is a separate "Prefabs" Folder within this package aside from the ones explained above:


Medieval Housing Creator


This Folder consists of over 700+ prefabs alone dedicated to just housing and town creations. From lights, walls, houses, crates, marketplaces, everything you'll need for the creation of your towns within this package! More info in the README Page.

(ALPHA) Below

After the creation of my many modular packages available on the Asset Store, many of which being separate/ cheap packages, I've decided to create a new package: One large pack, consisting of "all-things-Fantasy/ Medieval.

Estimated Initial release date: First week of September.


There will be three initial releases to this package, so get it while its cheap!
ALPHA: $50.
BETA: $75.
FINAL: (with updates still being made as needed) $100.


UF Creator:
Includes the following (3D Models):

  • Starting Races for appropriate classes, or builds in a fantasy game:



  • High Elves

  • Humans

  • Minor support of other races models, with builds coming in future updates.



  • BETA:

  • Orcs

  • Dwarves

  • Dark Elves

  • ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ALPHA:

    • Full Support for easy creation of:


  • Towns

  • Cities

  • Castles

  • Bandit Camps

  • Cemeteries

  • Fortifications

  • Swamps

  • and more....



  • BETA:

  • Temples

  • Dungeons

  • ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------BETA:

    • Weapons will be added into all Releases:


  • Swords, Daggers

  • Bows

  • Staves

  • Axes, Maces

  • Shields

  • ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


This is a stand-alone package within itself that has been added to this Kit!
My third extension of "Town Creation/ Housing Creation," this time with high qualities, and unique builds differing from the first:




In this pack featured within the UF CREATOR, I have built for you x60 blank exterior house models to customize how you see fit. (Totaling at least 200 prefabs!)

When I say "blank" I mean, the house are pre-built prefabs, everything included except from windows and doors.


This package includes over 5 Dozen prefabs of different "Door" and "Window" models. This way you may use the pre-built houses as a quick pick-me-up to your scenes, and all you'd have to do is decide where the placement of your windows and doors will be. (Still giving you that feel for custom creation!)

Side note:
For those of you who are familiar with my work, I have still included my standard build types in my many packages, meaning Fully modular support of:



  • Walls

  • Walls with window and door indents

  • support beams and rafters

  • building blocks

  • roofs

  • stone and concrete walls

  • etc..



  • This way if you do not wish to use any of the 200 textured blank houses as shown in picture above, you may fully create your own house models, also included with interiors if you wish! With this standalone package built within the UF Creator, you will also receive:


  • Barrels, Crates, Fruit Baskets (empty or full)

  • Market stalls

  • Lanterns (on posts and hanging)

  • Fences, railings, steps, stairs, stone walls, bridges

  • Log piles, burnt wood, campfires, log stacks

  • Tons of furniture models...

  • --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(Supporting 4 shared materials) Multiply all amounts of models below times 4, giving you hundreds, of "Modular" building pieces to create custom houses!


  • 60+ Blank house models

  • 45 Support beams, rafters

  • 42 House Building Blocks

  • 22 Secondary Detailed House Building Blocks

  • 73 House Extensions

  • 30 Roof Models

  • 10 Decks, porches

This package includes "Portals" and "Hell Builds" (As well as Cemetery Builds!)

Support for each race class, will have their own portals using their uniquely textured styles

With the hell builds, so far included:


  • Bridges

  • Walls

  • Rocks

  • Dead Trees

  • Tombs from cemetery

  • Graves

  • Dark fencing

  • Platforms

  • Staircases

  • Portals

  • Lava (Terrain Textures included)

  • more to come!

  • (As well: Every model here has 5 different looks. Red, blue, green, yellow, and purple, Lava Texturing for those who like a more "colored" or ambient dungeon/ level approach!)


  • -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


  • With any good package, it just wouldn't be complete without the proper textures!Also included as "Terrain" Textures:ALPHA:


  • Grass

  • Rocks

  • Pebbles

  • Cobblestone, stone bricks

  • Brick

  • Lava (Red, Blue, and Silver coated)

  • Cliffs

  • So far over 20 different textures included!

  • --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  • As of today, this package already includes:1,141 Prefabs, game ready to use in your games!

  • Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I have much more that I will be sharing with you soon! (Including videos as well)

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