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Ultimate Fantasy Creator README and notes

Important Notes, and info:

(Material Sharing)


Any material that shares the name "Housing_Map" has many alternates. Pick a prefab, place it in your scene, and if it uses the Housing_Map Material try changing its material to fit the texture style of your scene:


Example pictures on Right --->



Most prefabs located in the Modular Housing Creator Folder use just that material, there are easily over 700+ possibilities using all of the Housing_Map Materials.


This goes for anything like the Lights, Houses, House Walls, Structures, etc..




Another great material Share is the "Castle_Map" material. Same info as above, anything that shares this has multiple looks.


This consists of mostly: Castles, Castle walls and towers, Gates, etc... There are many other types that use this material, so if you place a prefab in your scene, check its material, and you may just find that it has many alternates!


Example Picture for "Castle_Map" material below. 






Lastly, the third material share types are the following material types:


All of these share the same UV layout, allowing for many texture possibilities:

(Orc Camp Example on Right --->)

(Cemetery Example on Right --->)





Portal_Map (x5 different for "Lava" Colors only.)


Dark_Map = mostly builds from the Cemetery prefabs, and some Dark Elven prefab types.


Bandit_Map and Orc_Map consists of prefabs from the Bandit Camp style, and Orcish builds.


Portal_Maps are mostly from the Hell prefabs, with different colored lava emissions, from: Red, Blue, Yellow, Purple, and Green.



Aside from each of these named sections, they can be textured to fit/ blend with other build types for easy blending in scenes!


Hell Portal Example on Right --->




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