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Unity 5 Packages:

Released. (from 2015)

Extreme Sci-Fi Level Creator

Requires Unity 5.0.1 or higher.

Welcome to my "Extreme Sci-Fi Level Creator". This kit features Well over 2,500 Modular Prefabs

On this initial release, the main build features are:
Space Station

All Walls, Corridors, floors, and other assets, are 2-sided, so don't worry too much about being limited to just building interior scenes. This package supports both interior and exterior builds!

With this initial release, you will receive hundreds of walls, floors, ceilings, corridors, doors, ramps, platforms, staircases, railings, etc..

Initially all modular prefabs, and great on polys, too! (Some corridor models range from 1,000 verts/ tris - at most 5,000 verts/ tris. And those are mainly the highest among polys of featured models. Walls are provided with nice amounts of 3d details, and Normal maps, to bring out nice details to your scenes.)

Textures are at 1024 Resolution.
Best used for: Top-Down, First Person, Third Person, RPG, Shooters. Supported well on the Desktop. (I have not fully tested its functionality with "Mobile," but due to texture and material sharing, and many a variety of high and low poly models, it may be well suited for mobile!)

Dungeon's Explorer Kit

Requires Unity 5.0.1 or higher.

LTO launch price set at $35 for the first few weeks. After the offer, pricing will go up to its advertised price of $45! 

This is the Dungeon's Explorer Kit. Consisting of over 1,200 detailed prefabs for you to use in your games. Poly counts are medium - low, for easier builds. All walls and building piece textures at 1024res, and all detailed objects, furnishing, etc.. textures at 2048res.

So what's Included?
-Over 100 in-editor created Modules
-x74 Archways, Tunnels, Bridges
-x25 Altars, Podiums
-x82 Blocks, Wedges
-x90 Floors, Platforms
-x28 Gates, Wood Beams and Boards, Wood posts
-x80 Pillars
-x45 Railings, Barriers, Posts
-x39 Stairs, Staircases
-x60 Candles, Lit Objects
-x6 Fire particle effects
-x102 different Walls
-x36 Coffins, Sarcophagus, Chests, Coins
-x6 Fancy Doors (Doubles consisting of left and right doors)
-x25 Fabric Items: Carpets, Pillows, Hanging Tapestry
-x7 Fountains
-x8 Paintings with Frames
-x24 Tables, Chairs, Stools
-x49 Stained Glass Pieces (Two Materials, one regular, and one for Glass Shader)
-x21 Urns, Pottery, Baskets
-x26 Books, Book Stacks, Parchment Paper, Envelopes
-x20 Bookshelves: Empty and Furnished with Books.


Also Included: 
-x8 Different Terrain Textures; Brick, grass, and dirt variations.
-x2 Tree Textures.


This package includes 6 Demo Scenes, and 3 Web Demos: Come check out the Dungeon's Explorer Kit's Website for more info, or to play the 3 Web Demos.

Medieval Town Explorer Kit

Now a part of Ultimate Kit!

Oriental Explorer Kit


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