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The Wasteland README:

Cell Fractured Walls:

 feature walls with vertices cut out, for destructive scenes or environments. Under the folder "Fractured_Walls," can these be found.
There is a script included "Trigger_Enter," which can be placed on each piece of the Fractured walls, along with attaching rigidbody and checking the kinematic box. With this script and rigidbody applied, you can have any "rigidbody" including your character, collide with the Fractured walls to make them fall, or "shatter."




Texture Sharing:

Any prefab that uses these following materials have "texture sharing" (look for like names for texture sharing, examples below!)

1)Metals_Map_2A, Metals_Map_2B

2)Misc_Map_1A, Misc_Map_1A(Darkened)

3)Walls_Map_1A, Walls_Map_1A(Darkened), Walls_Map_1B, Walls_Map_1B2, Walls_Map_1C

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